March 1, 2017

Whether you are a parent of a 2 year old, 12 year old, 22 year old, or parenting your parents, the most valuable tool you have to cultivate connection is your conscious awareness. Together we’ll illuminate and expand conscious awareness through cultivating presence. Utilize openness to discover new ways of being in relationship to everyone in your family. Join Amy Owen and Annmarie Chereso to learn how to bring presence to every area of your parenting with cutting edge tools geared to support you in leading a drama free life.

In this webinar you will:

Learn how to cultivate conscious relationships with your family

Increase connection and reduce conflict with your co-parent

Learn how to consciously support your child's success in school, at home and in life

Unlock your inner parenting expert using 4 key questions

Discover how you fall into drama traps and how to shift

Explore how to use yoga to practice openness

Learn how your yoga practice informs how you parent

Wednesday, March 1 at 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

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