Mother Daughter Mini-Retreat (1 Day Workshop)

Chicago, IL
May 20, 2018

Our daughters are making a big transition. Whether it’s your oldest or youngest or somewhere in between, the transition to high school is a special time for both mom and daughter. Starting High school is both exciting and scary, fun and can be an overwhelming experience for our teenage girls.

The next 4 years are a time for independence, growing autonomy, forming new friendships, holding onto old ones or sometimes letting go. A time for exploration and self discovery. And....... peer pressure, hormones, boys, academic stress, girl drama, social media, grades, drugs and alcohol, homework, sex, SAT, college apps, driving.  Whether moving to a new school or staying in a familiar place, the reality is High School can be HARD.  While we cannot avoid the inevitable drama that comes with being a teen, we can help empower our daughters to step into high school fearlessly, compassionately, and confidently. 

For our daughters and for us.

How can we support our girls as they navigate these defining moments? 


Now is the time to Inspire our daughters to higher ideals and encourage strong leadership skills, cultivate self empowerment, ignite courage, and always lead with strength, love and kindness.

I’d like to personally invite you to join me and my dear friend Donna Placio, and our daughters Ashley and Ava, for a unique and deeply nourishing mother - daughter mini-retreat. We will come together to honor, celebrate, play, learn and grow with our daughters as they step into the next chapter of their lives. Gift both you and your daughter quality time together in a community of like minded mothers and daughters who want to not simply survive, but thrive, now and in the years ahead. 

We will spend time as a group and in pairs for practices, exercises, ceremonies and rituals to:

  • Strengthen your bond with one another
  • Learn how identify and drop the drama that causes stress and disconnection
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence as mother and daughter
  • Practice techniques for deep and effective communication
  • Foster greater mutual trust Honor the wisdom of your intuition Grow in intimacy with one another
  • Slow down, get present and nurture your bondCast a vision for HS together that will serve as an anchor during the ups and downs
  • And best of all,create lifelong memories together while having FUN!

In this rare distraction-free time we remind our daughters that they are a priority and we value our relationship with them.   

Walk away feeling filled up with love, compassion, connection and the tools you both need to move courageously and confidently into this next chapter of life. Make this a time of greater connection for you and your daughter, a time to honor and celebrate the last 14 years and step intentionally into her next chapter. 

How often do we get the opportunity to carve out special one on one time with our daughters?  Space is limited. Register now before your daughter’s life is too full to spend more of it with you.

Have questions about Mother Daughter Mini-Retreat? Contact Annmarie for questions.

Mother Daughter Mini-Retreat

Sunday, May 20 from 9a - 5p CST

Chicago IL; $260.00

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