Talking To Your Kids Consciously About Sex (Webinar Replay)

May 18, 2017


Annmarie Chereso, invited Tantric sex educator, Rachel Fiske for an open conversation on how to talk to your child (at any age) about sex and their sexuality. We explore how 4 simple questions can help support you when talking to your kids and teens about sex and how to balance what our kids are learning from the media, friends and culture.

In the webinar you will:

  • Learn to open the lines of communication with ease
  • Explore how to engage from love not fear
  • Clean up your sexual baggage and not pass it on to your kids
  • Discover your unconscious fears and messages you have been sending your kids
  • Learn how to let go of controlling your kids sexual lives
  • Teach your kids that sex = creativity

You will also explore:

  • What does a conscious sex conversation look like with your kids?
  • What do we want to tell our kids other than "Don't do it!"
  • What do we want our sons and daughters to know about their sexual sides.
  • What if we taught our girls about their incredible creative power?
  • And our boys about their amazing strength?

RACHEL FISKE has been a yoga instructor for 22 years and a tantric sex teacher for ten. For eleven years she has led MoonBeams mother-daughter groups to engender conscious relationships between mothers and pre-teen daughters. Her work includes helping daughters create an intentional approach to their awakening sexuality, and helping each mother learn to trust that her daughter will be able to hear her own inner voice through the noise of all the conflicting messages about sexuality in our society.

PLEASE NOTE: We had a few technical difficulties in the beginning, fast forward to about 7 mins in and then we begin the conversation.

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