[WEBINAR REPLAY] Discover The Benefits Of A Gap Year

October 17, 2017

Guarantee a successful outcome. Explore all your options and learn to tune in and discover the next right step for your student.

  • Explore if your High School senior is best served by a gap year?
  • Find out who is and isn’t a good fit for a gap year?
  • Learn how to determine if a gap year is right for your student?
  • Understand why you should consider a gap year?


with Annmarie Chereso & Jason Sarouhan

recorded on Tuesday, Oct 17 at noon CST (replay below)

*Webinar will be recorded and sent out to all those who register.

Annmarie is the founder of BringIt! Home and is devoted to supporting student well being as a means to cultivating authentic success. Annmarie is passionate about waking students up to their inherent genius so they may be aligned with their deepest purpose through their passions. Annmarie teaches mindfulness and conscious leadership to educators, students and parents.

Jason is the Vice President of Center for Interim Studies. He has dedicated his career to being an inspiring role model for his students and staff. Jason is devoted to supporting individuals in clarifying their interests and taking continued steps towards self-discovery, the essence of his work as a gap year counselor with the Center for Interim Programs.

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